Through Human Eyes
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Thirteenth Doctor (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
Broadcast 15th July 2011
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"Alone in the Dark" "The Oncoming Storm"

Through Human Eyes is the Eighth Episode of Time and Space Season 3. Although A New Generation sees first appearance of The Watcher, is is believed that James Burnell crated the creature when in fact it was Daniel Isaac who created the Watcher for this episode and asked James to put him into episode 1.


The Doctor runs into the tardis in panic. He understands that The Watcher can chase him wherever he goes, so he decides to turn himself into a human. John Smith (Human Doctor) wakes up and gets ready for the day ahead of him.

John talks to a friend on his phone and notices the Watcher outside, but ignores it. John begins to type on his laptop the stories of the Doctor, having become a famous person after changing himself to a human. He falls asleep late at night.

Memories of the Doctor begin to show in John's mind, until he wakes up to find his document is missing. John walks to the kitchen and sees a note saying tardis. He ignores it and the paper changes from the word tardis to timelord. John Smith then sees the Watcher outisde and pursues him, but he gets away when John trips over. John begins to start the car and drive away. The Watcher goes inside and sniffs the air, realising the Doctor is now human and vows to get his tardis.

John arrives back home. Inside his room his laptop activates and the Doctor appears on the screen (a pre recorded message before he Doctor made himself human). The Doctor talks to Smith, explaining the Watcher is after his tardis and that he had to change himself to a human. The Doctor gives John a task to find the Watcher and lead him to the tardis where the Doctor will take over.

John encounters the Watcher outisde and takes him to the Tardis. Inside the tardis, the Watcher believes he has won, but a voice is heard saying that ever since John entered the tardis, he's been changing back into the Doctor. The Watcher screams as the Doctor is reborn. Before the Doctor locks the Watcher away in the heart of the tardis, the Watcher mocks the Doctor for not knowing that one word has been following him through time fo a while now, and informs him that They are returning. The Watcher disappears into the heart of the tardis and the Doctor exclaims that this may not be good.


  • The Watcher returns
  • The Doctor changes himself into a human with the chameleon arch
  • The events of this episode lead into the next episode
  • The story arch is explained
  • John Smith lives in Zack's house during the time Zack was with the Doctor.

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