Time Agency
Chris Miller
Abby Lewis
Writer Jackson Jones, Matt Davies
Director Kevin Karstens, Willis Fieldsend
Studio StromcloudProductions
Broadcast Next Part: CANCELLED
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Running time 20-25 minutes
Number of
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"The Parting" "CANCELLED"


Series One

Series Two




Primary CastEdit

Chris Miller- Jackson Jones

Abby Lewis- Chloe Denyer

Ben Daniels- Matt Davies (Series One)

Elle Faulkes- Emma Fisk (Series One Only)

Doctor Lana Mathis- Vikki Cook (Series One Episodes 3-6)

Maddy Sinclair- Izzy Hudson (Series Two Episodes 1,2,6&7)

Secondary Cast Will Alexander- Sam Almond (Series One Episodes 1,3,4,5)

Maddy Sinclair- Izzy Hudson (Series One Episodes 5,6)

Doctor Anna Roberts- Hannah Appleton (Series Ones Episodes 5,6)

Harry Walker- Sean Alexander (Series One Episode 3)

Aliens and EnemiesEdit

  • The Slabs
  • Mrs Wallace
  • Death
  • The Weeping Angels
  • The Carden
  • Maddy Sinclair
  • Will Alexander
  • The Essence
  • The Virus
  • The Mist
  • Vashta Nerada
  • The Villagers


Series One Six parts..

Series One
Title Writer Original Airdate
No Love Lost Jackson Jones 07/07/09
Screams in the Dark Jackson Jones 14/07/09
Sticks and Stone Jackson Jones 21/07/09
The Stone Age Jackson Jones 28/07/09
The Carden Jackson Jones 04/08/09
End of Everything Jackson Jones 11/08/09

====[ The Time Agency (in Fan Films)]See Also====

was talk on do a second series with another six parts

but all cast did not return in they roles

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