Time Agent - The 2009 Specials
Time Agent the Specials DVD
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 3
Original YouTube
Original run 20 February - 2 August 2009
Home video release
DVD Release Date 2010
Series chronology
← Previous Series 1
Next → Series 2

The 2009 specials of British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent began on 20 February 2009 with "Earth's Guardians" and ended with "The Fallen Hero" on 2 August 2009. The series comprises 3 episodes.

Cast and Crew Edit

Main Cast Edit

  • Agent Liam - Billy Treacy
  • Dan the Cyborg - Sebby Treacy
  • Ben - Harry Williams
  • Bob the Alien - Matt Williams

Guest Cast Edit

  • Zakatrons - Sebby and Billy Treacy, Harry Williams
  • Time Agency Representative - Christopher Thomson
  • Venators - Sebby Treacy, Matt and Harry Williams
  • Hannah - Eleanor Hadfield
  • Jerry Smith - Jon Gransden

Crew Edit

  • Executive Producers - Jaime Carroll, Billy Treacy
  • Head Writer - Billy Treacy
  • Director - Billy Treacy
  • Music - Laura Daykin
  • Editor - Billy Treacy
  • Visual FX - OmniPictures

Series Information Edit

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Directed by Written by Viewers
(as of 22
Dec 2011)
Original air date Production
1 "Earth's Guardians" Billy Treacy Billy Treacy 4,860 20 February 2009 X.1
Liam has disappeared completely, meaning Dan and Ben have defend the Earth against the almighty Zakatrons without him...
2 "Memoirs of the Lost" Billy Treacy Billy Treacy 3,252 28 June 2009 X.2
Agent Liam, Ben and Dan are on the run from the Venator Family, aliens out for revenge. But why?
3 "The Fallen Hero" Billy Treacy Billy Treacy 4,069 2 August 2009 X.3
Agent Liam, Ben, Dan and Bob the Flower Alien find themselves in their darkest adventure yet... not everybody will get out alive...

Characters Edit

  • Agent Liam - X.1 - X.3
  • Dan the Cyborg - X.1 - X.3
  • Ben the Gunman - X.1 - X.3
  • Hannah - X.3
  • Time Agency Representative - X.1
  • Jerry Smith - X.3

Aliens Edit

  • Bob the Flower Alien - X.1 - X.3.
  • The Zakatrons - X.1, X.3
  • The Venators - X.2
  • The Prophecy - X.3
  • Flower Aliens - X.3

Deceased Characters Edit

Ben the Gunman died in the battle between the team and the Zakatrons at the end of "The Fallen Hero".

DVD releaseEdit

The DVD is now on sale on Amazon.[1] The special features are:[2]

  • Bloopers
  • Interviews
  • Deleted Scenes


  1. Time Agent the Specials DVD - Amazon
  2. Time Agent - Shop

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