Following the Angel, the Doctor departs Port Babbage for his next adventure. While in the Vortex the TARDIS skips a bit and begins to collide with another. Before you know it, another Doctor is demaning to see the controls of this TARDIS. After a short while a Dalek appears by the doors, and tries to exterminate our Time Lords. After a quick move the Doctors send it into the Vortex saving themselves. The TARDIS' begin to seperate and the other Doctor begins to fade out leaving one message for our Doctor, "apperances can be desieving".


When 2 TARDIS' collide, action must be taken.


This story takes place 10 mins after The Angel (DWSL: The Angel)

The Doctor is wearing the same clothes as the previous episode ( DWSL: The Angel)

The same noise that sent the Vesterkind away brought the other Doctor onboard (DWSL: The Angel)

This episode is simular to Time Crash that the 13th Doctor mentions (DW: Time Crash)

The same Dalek design from the 10th Doctor's era appears (DW: 2005 - 2010)


Kerian Twine - The Doctor

Edward Gizzi - The Doctor

John Hutch - Dalek

Production NotesEdit

This episode marks Edward Gizzi's first Second Life story being created by Twine Light Media. This episode was just a filler episode to bridge the gap between episode 1 and 2, A Tear in Time. Even though this episode and A Tear in Time are Doctor meeting stories, they are both canon to Doctor Who: Second Life and the reason why both stories occur will be answered in the end. (DWSL: The End). This also marks John Hutch's first SL apperance before he takes on his major role in the final 2011 stories. His role is being kept quiet.


Previous Episode: The Angel

Following Episode: A Tear in Time

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