3 – "To Hell and Back"
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Doctor who screenshot 7
Zack helps the Doctor walk away.
James Burnell (Twelfth Doctor
Daniel Isaac (Zack Rogers)
• Daniel Lawrence – Dar Ell & Srunks
Writer Daniel Isaac
Director Daniel Isaac
Producer James Burnell
Production code 1.3
Series Season One
Length 7 minutes
Originally broadcast 26 November 2009
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"The Changing of the Guard" "The Third War"

"To Hell and Back" is the third episode of the first season of fan series Doctor Who Time and Space.


"Are you prepared Doctor, Time to die!"

Dar Ell to the Doctor

The Doctor and Zack travel to the year 3500 on the planet Endu, which is run by an alien race called the Srunks. They are both invited inside a house to have dinner with their leader Dar Ell which they quickly accept. Inside the Doctor and Zack are talking with Dar Ell at a table waiting for dinner to be served. While they are talking Zack goes to the bathroom. While he is there Dar Ell explains their experiments have failed and need his help. The Doctor soon learns their experiments were on humans, sucking their knowledge out. The Srunks then take the Doctor hostage, and Zack runs to the TARDIS saying he will return.

The Doctor is then used for experiments, where the Srunks hope to gain his knowledge of the universe. Weeks later, the final tests are ready and the Doctor is tortured. He has a brief flashback of all the people he has lost in his life(Scene from Journey's End) and realises he will too lose his own life. Before the experiment can finish, Zack runs in, knocking out Dar Ell and another Srunk. Zack carries the Doctor outside to be faced against another Srunk, who is easily punched out. Zack turns to find the Doctor is missing, but when he gets to the TARDIS finds him sitting down. The Doctor then explains that there was once a war between a race called the Time lords and the Daleks and telling him about the Time war.


The Doctor has a brief flashback of all the people he has lost, this is a scene from series 4 episode 13 Journey's end

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