Tomb jcard
Tomb of the Daleks
Season: 26
Story Number: 129
Doctor: David Segal Doctor
Companions: K-9, Susie Jo Parker, Landon, Dillion
Writer: David Segal
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 1989
Running Time: 108 minutes
No. Episodes: 4
Previous Story: The Last Colony
Following Story: Space Trap



Davros, creator of the evil Daleks, returns to Skaro, intending to bring to life an army of Daleks which have been entombed for thousands of years.


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A sequel to the Tom Baker story Destiny of the Daleks and the Peter Davison story Resurrection of the Daleks. Davros appears, as does Lytton and the Movellans. Landon departs at the end of this story.




Doctor Who: David Segal
Susie Jo Parker: Karen Tyler
Landon: Greg Hamner
Dillion: Cile Whitticker


Script Editor: Raymond DeLong
Title Music: Peter Howell
Graphics: Jeri Rogers
Story by: David Segal
Additional Script: Thomas Himinez
Special Sounds: Everlasting Films
Produced by: Timothy Roberson
Executive Producer: Richard Segal
Directed by: David Segal

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: 18C64
(c) 1989 $egal/CHORD Productions


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