Tony sullivin
"The sontaron warrior"-"Legion of the lost"
mentioned in :
Curse of the creptiles , flashpoint , the timetravelling train , the burning sky , the curse of the valyard
age :

Tony sullivin is a 25 year old human , he meets the doctor when he stays in hid friends (bob reeves) mansion and is attacked by Sontaron Krall,he then stumbles upon the TARDIS and the rest is history.He looks like the Doctor because of a time space glitch. He and the doctor are like brothers until he is shot and killed by the master.This changes the Doctor making him into a angry , moody and dark man again.He is greatly distressed when the doctor starts to regenerate(Diomonds are forever) .

Tony is a funny , witty , intelligent and curious person but this curiousity leads to the ultimate sacrfrice...

Prouduction notes Edit

  • Tony was infact going to be a spacepiolot that was very much like captain jack and was a sort of villian and the Doctor would try and change him.
  • Tony was next turned into the master but we thought it would the series random.
  • Tony had to be played by DMCDW because the actor lined up to play tony dropped out a month before filming.
  • Tony may return in series 4 but as who?

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