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Affiliated with: DMCDW/Devante 12th Doctor
Race: Varned
Home planet: Varnos (although they often live on other planets aswell)
Home era: 21st century
First appearance: invasion of the varneds
Portrayed by: DMCDW (voice and opperator)
Series: DMCDW prouductions

Personality Edit

Varneds are usally calm and docile aliens but when controlled by there shipmaster (the leader of there starships , which from the out side looks normal but the inside is like a metal villiage.) They can act angry and will bite which injects venomus posion . The genral was a shipmaster who went powermad but was arrested by a varned called Gilligan arrested him .  But in 2011  the genral travelled back in time and began a war with earth but first locked up gilligan but together The Doctor , harry , Tony and gilligan Kill the Genral and free the varneds who the genral made into slaves.

Notable Varneds Edit

abilitys Edit

  • Venomus Bite - the cure is there oil for there spaceships which the Doctor drinks
  • Frog -like abilitys ( Jumping and speed)
  • Teliportation
  • Good sense of smell
  • Some varneds can morph into people.

Behind the scenes Edit

  1. The Varneds are frog teddy bears
  2. There voice changes from low and echoed to high pitch.
  3. there voice changes

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