Vengeance from Hell
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Thirteenth Doctor (Daniel Isaac)
Jake Ford (Thomas Davis)
Writer Daniel Isaac
Broadcast 15th May 2011
← Preceded by Followed by →
"A New Generation" "War on Gallifrey"

Vengeance from Hell is the Second Episode of Time and Space Season 3.


On Earth in 2010, Dar Ell escapes from his prison after being caught by Zack in Defenders of Earth.

A year later, the Doctor and Jake arrive on Earth only mere hours after A New Generation and to Jake's dismay they arrived at his house. Jake questions this and the Doctor doesn't have a straight answer. The Doctor tells Jake to stay inside while he investigates outside.

The Doctor walks around outside and into the backyard to discover someone has broken the power and discovers that a energy shield has been turned off and an alien has escaped. Inside the house, Dar Ell jumps out at Jake and Jake hits Dar Ell. Dar Ell tells Jake that all he wants to do is go home.

Back outside the Doctor realises that Dar Ell is here and races to Jake. With jake nowhere to be found, the Doctor runs inside the tardis to find not only his friend but his enemy inside. The Doctor warns Jake of who Dar Ell is, but Dar Ell insists he wants to only go home.

The Doctor and Dar Ell have a conversation, ending with the Doctor agreeing to take Dar Ell home to Endu. Inside the tardis, before they can depart, Dar Ell shoots Jake and forces the Doctor into an energy extrapulator. The process begins and nearly kills the Doctor. Jake, mortally wounded, saves the Doctor by shootins Dar Ell.

The Doctor gets up and witnesses Jake's final words, who then dies in the Doctor's arms. The Doctor realises what he's done and says that he will never take upon another companion again, releasing that all he does is kill them.


  • This is Jake's first travel in time with the Doctor
  • Dar Ell, last seen in Defenders of Earth, appears in this episode
  • This episode is simular to the official series episode "Boom Town"
  • Jake dies in this episode
  • Dar Ell also appeared in To Hell and Back

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