BABE is a computer aboard the prisoner ship 'Despair'. She is one of many terminals for the master computer on Homeworld. Using a device created for interrogation, and due to it's painful and damaging effect on the victim used as a deterrent against lying, BABE drains people's minds of all their memories and adds them to the it's central bay. In a moment of madness BABE decided that was her duty so as to further the progress of the master computer.

BABE is also able to reprogram the stolen minds and return them to their bodies, in order to do her bidding.

The Doctor destroyed BABE and the master computer, also taking Homeworld with it.

Features in The Space Wail by the Audio Visuals


The ChimeraEdit


Features in Chimera



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Creator of the Daleks.


Jaws of the Jestlatt



Aka. Madame Kovarian


Pac-Man Ghosts


Tor GaraneEdit

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Head of the Galactic Bank. A ruthless businessman with a habit of evading justice.

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