Season: 1
Story Number: 6.5
Doctor: The Twelveth Doctor
Companions: Kris O'Connor

James Taylor

Writer: Sam Elliot
Producer: TEP
Release Date: Summer 2011
Running Time: 20 Minutes Each
No. Episodes: 4
Previous Story: Rivals in Time
Following Story: Demons Within


This is an audio episode from Doctor Who the Ryan Gargett Era Series 1 as produced by TARDISELLIOT PRODUCTIONS


The Doctor takes Kris & Taylor to the Galsec Quadrant to show them the future of the human race. However upon arrival they discover the humans new home world is gone. Upon boarding a neighbouring star ship they soon begin to unravel a plot by one of the doctors old adversaries. Trapped in the middle of a Sontaran War Zone the Doctor will have to work quickly to save the human race from extinction.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


This episode is set some time after the solar flares and the Sontaran experiment.

It is set during Taylors first regular stay aboard the TARDIS.


This is the first audio adventure to be produced by TEP.


  • The Doctor: Ryan Gargett
  • Kris O'Connor: Amber Warren
  • Dr James Taylor: Sam Elliot
  • Commander Blake: TBA
  • First Mate Evans: TBA
  • Alex: TBA
  • Dr Tyler: TBA
  • Computer Voice (ZEN): TBA
  • Sontaran Commander: TBA
  • Sontaran Luetenant: TBA
  • Sontaran Marshall: TBA
  • Extras: TBA


Director: Sam Elliot

Score by: Alex O'neil

Production NotesEdit

This story will pay homage to Blakes 7, including character names "Blake" & "Zen". Teleport and computer sound effects.


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