Whovianity Production was formed in March 2006.

Audio AdventuresEdit

The first series of Doctor Who Audios' features an alternate version of the Tenth Doctor and his assistant, Jack. While the series began with a minimal cast, the production expanded and its crew grew to include a number of regular fan contributors.

Series One (2006)
No. Title Episodes
01 The Cancrine Ambush 2 Episodes
02 An Evil Deed 2 Episodes
03 The Menace Within 2 Episodes
04 Race Against Time 2 Episodes
05 Academic Conversion 2 Episodes
06 Orbital Symptoms 2 Episodes
07 Binary Methods 2 Episodes
08 Tug of War 2 Episodes
09 Afraid of the Dark 2 Episodes
10 The Stronghold 2 Episodes

Short Trips and Specials (2006 to 2008)
No. Title Episodes
01 The Cave of Fear 1 Episode
02 Festive Foes 1 Episode
03 Christmas (The Eve & The Day) 2 Episodes

The second series of Whovianity Productions' Doctor Who Audios will see The Doctor regenerate. It will include six stories of roughly 20-25 minutes in length. Richard B Brookes is the lead writer.

Series Two (2010)
No. Title Episodes
01 Spark of Genius 2 Episodes
02 TBA 2 Episodes
03 TBA 2 Episodes
04 TBA 2 Episodes
05 TBA 2 Episodes
06 TBA 2 Episodes

Other ProductionsEdit

The Whovianity Productions Podcast or The Whovicast - aired for 15 Episodes and featured discussions of a varity of subjects - including the official series, the whovianity productions series and a plethora of fan series - regular guests included Robert Ritchie and Christopher Thompson.

WVP concieved a series of contained Dalek related stories, titled "Dalek Infantry" - which yielded an animated trailer by Robert Ritchie and two episodes "Pre-Domination" and "Scouting Spirodon".
Robert would later work on Restoration of the Daleks - which he produced and directed.


Official Website

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