Q: How can I make my videos look good on You Tube?Edit

A: Most editing software isn't designed to compress videos for online streaming. Most of them are designed for delivery formats (i.e. DVD). I work in Adobe Premiere for editing and generally export my final video as a lossless avi or quicktime mov file. In order to upload a nice looking video to You Tube or MySpace I will import the final video into Sony Vegas and render it as a wmv using the following settings (note: you should be able to translate these setting to other programs):

Click File>Render As Chose wmv from the drop down and chose custom Type a name for you custom settings (I call mine "You Tube") Chose "Best" as your rendering quality Click the audio tab and select "Include Audio" Make the following adjustments:

Mode: CBR Format: Windows Media Audio 9.2 Attributes: 64 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo (A/V) CBR (NOTE: YouTube is in Mono, but MySpace is in stereo)

Click the Video tab and choose:

Mode: CBR Format: Widows Media Video 9 Image size: DVD quality (640x480) pixel aspect ratio: 1.000 Square (even if your video is 16x9 select this or youtube will stretch it) frame rate: chose your appropriate frame rate (in most cases it'll be either 29.97 or 23.976) video smoothness: 100 sharpest

under the bitrate tab select only:

Internet/Lan: 1 M

Now save the preset and hit ok. Render you file. You will have a video file that is under 100MB, but looks rather nice. Remember that YouTube will recompress it, so the longer your video the more it will suffer in quality. Generally anything above 6-7 minutes starts to suffer more, so if you have a long movie, you might want to break it up into 5 minute blocks.

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