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Zack Rogers portrayed by Daniel Isaac


Zack Rogers is the main companion of the first and second season of Time and Space. He is portrayed by Daniel Isaac who also portrays the13th Doctor.


Time and Space Season 1Edit

Zack was living a normal life until he met the Doctor, who had recently regenerated. When they defeated an Axon, Zack joined the Doctor in the tardis and travelled in Time and Space. When they arrived in the 1950s they encountered a deadly Virus which was sent from the 22nd century by Crastoff to kill the humans (this is unaware to the Doctor until later on). In one of there adventures the Doctor gets taken for experiments by the Srunks. Zack had to flee to the tardis during this time, so that he could work out a way to save the Doctor. Eventually he saves him and the Doctor finally tells him about the Timewar.

Zack soon too became a prisoner of war, when he was taken hostge by the Valcroma of Posca during their trip into WWIII. He soon escapes and dies when the Doctor has to use his DNA to kill the Valcroma. He somehow comes back when the Doctor uses his energy to heal him. Soon on they visit a moon where they find three survivors of an exbidition. They soon escape the dreaded Vashta Nerada.

Zack also comes across the 13th Doctor who looks just like him. The Doctor explains that he must have chosen to look like Zack when he regenerated.

Sometime before they meet Jos, the Doctor takes Zack to a planet run by giant ants. They then meet Jos, who turns out to be the Master. They foil his plan and Zack decides to return home.

Defenders of EarthEdit

When Zack returned to earth he formed a team together called The Defenders. He and two others swore to protect earth from the alien threat. After they defeated the Zakatrons, Zack met David Ranch who told him that the Doctor needed help. Zack decided to go and help.

Time and Space Season 2Edit

Zack returns in the third episode of season 2 to help David free the Doctor from his cromatrite self. The two end up in a climatic fight with the Doctor and Crastoff. But when David is near death, Zack manages to save the Doctor who turns back to normal. With David gone, Zack decides to return to travelling with the Doctor.

After many adventures the Doctor and Zack get summoned into the medieval ages to help find the recently kidnapped King Arthur. They eventually find him.

In the season 2 finale, Zack gets kidnapped and taken over by the subconscious of the Master. The Master, now inside Zack, plans to kill the Doctor and wage war against the universe. When David arrives and saves the Doctor, the Doctor places the Master's consious into his own mind. He then takes Zack home, just before regenerating in the tardis.

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