Zindignite Productions began two projects which were never completed.

On January 1st, 1999 'The Krios Factor' was released, being the very first form of audio entertainment attempted by Daniel Burnett, head of Zindignite Productions. The episode was 30 minutes long, and starred Jeff McCrory as The Doctor and Steve Johnson as the villainous Captain.

The plot involved The Doctor and his companion landing on a ship suffering energy shortages. The Doctor soon discovers the power is being diverted by the Captain of the vessel, in order to experiment on a group of Cybermen.

Later that year a pilot for a series was made, titled 'The Ironslove Prophecy'. Two episodes were recorded and released, but a weak plot and technical complications ensured that the project was not continued.

In February 2000 another pilot was recorded, this time a comedy. Named 'Intergalactic Plagues and How to Cure Them' the story was never officially released on a web site, but distributed throughout various groups across the world. The pilot was put together in a hurry, and although was a bit messy in places, had an extremely positive response. Ultimate Reality later worked on producing a series from the idea, although nothing was ever released.

Other stories entitled 'Fire of Kotova' and 'The Colony of Sorrow' were talked of but not produced.

Circa 2001/2002 Zindignite joined forces with two other groups, Time Warped Productions and Loyhargil Productions, to form Ultimate Reality Productions.

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